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T​he Garden Club of Long Beach Island began out of concern for our native habitat, but soon branched out to include service to our native inhabitants--and those beyond! From contributing to the Food Pantry at St. Francis to knitting warm hats for our troops overseas, the club is involved in community action. Below are just some of our many projects. 
May Baskets

Warmth for Warriors

Helmets may provide a measure of protection, but they don't keep your head warm!  Over the years, club members have tried to fill the gap by knitting hundreds of hats for our troops overseas. If you can knit or crochet and want to show your appreciation for those who keep us safe, contact Judy Dicso.
Each November, the club holds a miniature flower exhibit--under 5 inches--in the Surf City Branch of the Ocean County Library (below). In January, the show travels to the Stafford Branch to brighten up the long winter for Mainland residents.

In addition, club members provide fresh or dried flower arrangements for the local libraries each month.  

​If you'd like to participate, please call Polly Rote or Peg Appelget.

Joan Sweet (left) was very busy over the summer getting our troops ready for winter!  At the September meeting, she delivered 14 new hats for "The Warmth for Warriors" project.
Made in the USA!
Each May 1 the club delivers baskets to shut-ins and those just needing a lift. If you know someone who would like to be on our list next year, please call Madelyn Pietrucha (below).
May's arrangement at the Surf City Library was provided by Teresa Hagan
2016's Miniatures were provided by Dell Hardman, Pat Morgan,Diana Woodward, Betty Frey, Cathy Sutton, Jennifer Schwab, Karen Martinez, Deb Ayres, Jean Archer, and Nancy Kunz.