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Every other year, the club presents a Standard Flower Show open to all our members.  This year's, titled "Barnegat Light to Holgate," was magnificent thanks to Chair Dorian Madreperla and her committee: Nancy Kunz, Judie Alloway, Debbie McWilliams, Pam Masturzo, and MaryEllen Bigham. 
Class 1: "Welcome to LBI"
Consultant: Nancy Kunz
A capsule-functional table exhibit, restricted to one breakfast place-setting on a light-maple-colored tray table. 

Class 2: "Forsythe Wildlife Refuge"
Consultant: Cathy Sutton
An underwater design using fresh plant material, not to exceed 20 inches in any direction.
Class 3: "Fantasy Island"
Consultant: Sue Vehslage
A creative mass design to be displayed in a 24" W x 36" H x 24" D niche placed on a white table cover.

Class 4: "Viking Village"
Consultant: Madelyn Pietrucha
Designer's choice of style to be staged on a 42" H x 14" round pedestal.
Class 5: "From Beach to Bay" 
Consultant: Andrea Rudner
A parallel design using fresh and/or dry plant material not to exceed 24" in any direction.  Design must include at least three groupings of plant material.

First Place
Pam Masturzo
Second Place
Jennifer Schwab
Third Place
Pat Hough
Honorable Mention
Marilyn Upton
First Place and Design of Excellence
Marilyn Thomas
Second Place
Marlena Christensen
Third Place
Ginny Scarlatelli
Honorable Mention
Debbie Ayres
First Place
Chris Vohden
Second Place
Betty Frey
Third Place
Diana Woodward
Honorable Mention
Jean Archer
First Place
Michelle Farias
Second Place.
Lois Perry
Third Place
Dee Muoio
Honorable Mention
Joan Coughlin
First Place
Cathy Sutton
Second Place
Maddie Foley
Third Place
Judie Alloway
Honorable Mention
MaryEllen Bigham
​Division I : Design
In House Flower Show
Division II: Horticulture
Consultant: Pam Masturzo
Pat Morgan: Kalanchoe  daigremontiana 

​First Place in the  "Cacti and Succulent" class and the Horticulture Excellence Award  

Pat also captured second place in the "Dish Gardens" class.
Madelyn Pietrucha: Syrigna vulgaris
First Place in the "Woody Flowering Shrub" class and the Arboreal Award

Madelyn also won first place for her iris in the "Large Cut Specimen, One Stem" class.
Joyce Hillyer: Juniper
First Place in "Deciduous Shrub or Tree" class
Debbie McWilliams: Narcissus Reggae
First Place in the "One Flowering Stem, No Foliage" class
Dorian Madreperla: Philarcpis
First Place in the "Orchid" class
Pat Newman: Dish Garden
First Place in the "Dish Garden No more Than 15 Inches" class 
Other Horticulture Winners Include...
Pam Masturzo: Hippeastrum Symphony/Candy Floss
First Place in the "Large Cut Specimen, One Stem" class

Pam Masturzo: Portulacaria afra
First Place in the "Container Grown Houseplant" class

Cathy Sutton: African Violet
First Place in the "Grown for Flower, Other" class

Cathy Sutton: Acer rubrum (Red Maple)
Second Place in the "Deciduous Tree or Shrub" class

Jeanne Sivori: Tatarian Dogwood
First Place in the "Deciduous Shrub or Tree" class

MaryEllen Bigham: Dicentra (Bleeding Heart)
First Place in the "One Flowering Stem with Attached Foliage" class

MaryEllen Bigham: Bearded Iris
Second Place in the Large Cut Specimen class

Sue Vehslage: Lonicera sempervirens (Red honeysuckle)
First Place in the Perennial Flowering Stem class

And a Special Thank You to Our Clerks...
Pat Doyle
Maryann Chatfield
Mary Jane DeBenedictis
Ann Cheshul