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Luncheon & Boutique

Imagine what it would be like to have about 900 of your closest friends over for lunch and you have some idea of what goes into hosting our annual holiday tea! Making thousands and thousands of cookies and sandwiches, gallons and gallons of tea and coffee, and the logistics involved require the cooperation of each and every member--not to mention husbands, family and friends! Here's a look at how it all comes together. 
At 9:45, the line already snaked through the building, out the door and around the block. When the doors opened at 10 am, the mad rush was on. By 10:30, almost 75 percent of our boutique was sold out. And it's no surprise: all the items--including more than a hundred greens arrangements--were made by our talented members. If you missed out, be sure to make this your first stop next year!

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To tour our five beautiful homes, click here.
The Garden Club would like to thak the following who contributed handmade items to our boutique: 
Boutique Chairs Debbie McWilliams and Judie Alloway began making and collecting items in early spring.
"Buddy" (aka Robin Fischl) was on hand to help shoppers.
Waiting for the doors to open (left to right): Carole Carpenter, Gerry Rosone, TK, Joan Rapp, Joan Frangione, Robin Fischl, Camille Rinaldi, Maryellen Bigham, Betty Kowalski, Jeanne Tikkanen and Lesley Taylor.
Boutique regulars always look forward to original paintings by the club's resident artists: Chris Vohden, Pat Morgan and Irene Bausmith.
Maryellen Bigham decorates a tree with homemade ornaments for sale.
Former teacher Lesley Taylor shows off her perfect penmanship making signs.
Betty Kowalski and Camille Renaldi "cornered" the art market.
A healthy portion of the Boutique's profits come from our Greens Sale.  It's a win-win for both the club and shoppers: since most of the supplies are donated, the arrangements are cost-effective and buyers get a beautiful holiday arrangement at a fraction of a florist's price!
Grace Byrne (left) adds a finishing touch, while her Co-Chair, President Ginny Scarlatelli, loads the vans for delivery.
Veteran Arrangers (left to right): Barbara Russell, Dorian Madreperla and Madeline Foley.
Many hands make light work (clockwise from left front): Pam Masturzo, Isabel Friedhoff, TK, Joyce Hillyer and Peg Felix.
Greens Co-Chair Linda Passaro radiates Christmas cheer!
Table mates (left to right): Bunny Pavia, Andrea Rudner and Carolyn Flaherty.
Joan Rapp transports her arrangement to the next station.
Group effort (left to right): Joyce Knott, Marlena Christensen, Gerry Kappes and Dorian Madreperla.
After a shift at the Boutique, Jeanne Tikkanen (left) was off to hostess at Lagoon Beauty.

Gerry Rosone (right) had a busy morning: by 10:45, the tables were emptying.
Tea Room
Coffee and Tea
Farmhands, Pepperidge Farm, that is! (Clockwise from far left): Sue Vehslage, Nancy Loisch, Mary Wilding, Helen Kenworthy, Ginger Storm, Pat Miller,  Marianne Green and Stella Rosoff.
Double V for Victory! House Tour Chair Pat Hough celebrates a very successful day!
Past Presidents Ann Cheshul (2008-09) and Pat Newman (2015-16) perfect the at of the pour.
House Tour Co-Chair Grace Tsokanos greets guests along with Andrea Rudner and Tea Room Hostess Chair Carole DeForte.
Award-winning floral designer Nancy Kunz provided this gorgeous arrangement of roses and Ti leaves for the head table.
What a difference a day makes! Tea Room Chairs Carol Strancesky, Ellie Ehnot and Mary Jane DeBenedictis worked miracles in less 24 hours!
Dec. 7 2016
11:00 am 
Dec. 8, 2016
10:59 am
Dec. 8, 2016
11:01 am
Cookie Chair Ann Cheshul (far right) gets an able assist from (left to right) Mary Ann O'Neill, Wendy Quinn and Angie Manzi.
Cookie Co-Chair Helen MacDonald in the process of what is known as "plating."
Bag Ladies (clockwise from top left): Wendy Quinn,  TK, Marge Foti, Jennifer Schwab, Angie Manzi, Tk and Pat Powers  package cookies for sale.
Lemmon or cream? Coffee/Tea Chairs Judy Simpson and Pat Doyle provide both.
Endless Joe, thanks to Joyce Hillyer and Pam Masturzo.
What a team! Co-Chair Judy Simpson worked the front counter, while hubby Doug (aka the Brew Meister) manned the pots.
Martha Stewart could learn a thing or two from Sandwich Co-Chairs Pat Miller and Ginger Storm. 
Kitchen Cabinet (left to right): Marilyn Thomas, Floss Boulden, Nancy Loisch, Nancy Hampson, Ginny Scarlatelli and Jeanne Sivori. 

Judie Alloway: Decorated boxes, sleigh, drummer boys, candle holders, bows, amaryllis, candy jars, picture frames
Diane Barbieri: Sea-glass art work, driftwood trees
Irene Bausmith: Original art work, note cards
Marlena Christensen: Preserved lemons
Bette DellaTorre: Chocolate-covered pretzels
Donna Evleth: Sailboat and assorted ornaments
Peg Felix; Quilts, needlepoint bookmarks, decorated bags
Ellie Hofstetter: Quilt
Bonnie Korbeil: Succulent gardens
Dorian Madreperla: Light boxes, air-plant wreaths and shells
JoAnne McKee: Leaf fossils 
Debbie McWilliams: Butterfly/bird feeders, wine-glass votives, tea-cup candles, shell candles, sea glass artwork, cake plates
Pat Morgan: Original art work, notecards
Madelyn Pietrucha: Holiday pins
Gerry Rosone: Driftwood trees, flavored oils
Cathy Ruch: Lavender body scrub
Mary Stevens: Sea-glass art work, shell ornaments
Carol Stracensky: Gardeners' hand scrub
Chris Vohden: Original artwork, notecards 

And  very special thanks to Debbie McWilliams' dad, Frank Allia, for his handmade Yule Logs and nautical-rope trivets