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Art in Bloom

If every picture tells a story, on May 14, the Garden Club of LBI told 16 of them--in flowers!  But it wasn't only paintings and photographs that were interpreted in our annual Art-in-Bloom Show: needlepoint, sculpture and even the culinary arts were represented.  Debbie McWilliams, assisted by Andrea Rudner, Serena White, Diana Moon Woodward and Dorian Madreperla, put on a spectacular show as the following pictures "tell the story."
Art-in-Bloom Chair Debbie McWilliams relaxes at a wine-and-cheese party held for participants at the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences the night before the show.
"Cake Whimsy"
"The colorful and out-of-line-cake reminded me of Dr. Seuss, who said: 'Fun is good!' and 'Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!'' says Lorie Anderson (left) of her floral interpretation of Linda Passarro's really truly edible creation!  
"Fish Palm"
Cathy Sutton (right) says, "I picked the fish palm tree because it's colorful and lots of fun--a happy painting!"  The artist, Diana Moon Woodward (left), agrees.  
On one of her many trips abroad, Peg Felix (near right) brought back an oar lock from a gondola in Venice, which inspired her painting.

Marilyn Nichols (far right)  was inspired in turn to do not only a  masterful interpretation, but a haiku for the occasion. 

Gondola Oar Lock

Stark bareness of wood
Reaching toward upward sky
Missing gondolier.

Blue water flowing
Away from island afar
​Toward the sea.

Gondola alone
One oar lock unattended
Awaiting someone.

"I was impressed with how the artist used a young sapling growing straight and tall--a symbol of survival--in contrast to the vast expanse of the rugged terrain of the countryside. I've tried to show that juxtaposition. The strength of a forest begins with a determined sapling," explains floral designer Nancy Kunz (near left) as artist Andrea Rudner looks on.

Dorian Madreperla (near left) says she chose Ginger Storm's quilt because, "it has a whimsical quality. There are so many different textures and I like the rainbow of colors."

"Quilt of Flowers"
Artist: Marilyn Flagler.  Designer: Chris Vohden (pictured.) 
"The Door"
"Flowers and Fairies"
Artist: Jennifer Schwab (right). Designer: Sue Veshlage (left).
Designer MaryEllen Bigham (above left) captured artist Pat Morgan's three young girls perfectly in flowers (right).
"Girl Talk"
"Colorado Reds"
Artist: Gerry Rosone. Designer: Judie Alloway (pictured).
"Tea Party"
When designer Teresa Hagan (right) saw Irene Bausmith's painting of hydrangeas, tea cup and sugar bowl, "all that was missing was the cake," she explains.
Artist: Sue Veshlage (right). Designer; Diana Moon Woodward (left).
"Sailing Vessel"
Artist: Ann Cheshul (right). Designers: Marlena Christensen and Lesley Taylor (left).
Artist: Camille Rinaldi (left). Designer: Mary Kate Murray (right).
Sweet Home"
Artist: Irene Bausmith (left). Designer: Cathy Sutton (right).
Artist: Irene Bausmith (left). Designer: Dorian Madreperla  (right).
"A Tropical Pair"
Artist: Chris Vohden (right).  Designer: Irene Bausmith (left).
"Ladies, Pick Your Pictures--or Cake!"
At the April meeting, member artists brought in their works, which were then paired up with floral designers.
This year's Art-in-Bloom Committee, (left to right) Serena White, Andrea Rudner, Chair Debbie McWilliams and Diana Moon Woodwar conducts the lottery that matches artists and designers.  Each designer chooses a work to be interpreted based on the number she picks from Debbie's basket: #1 gets first pick and so on.
Some of the art open to interpretation.
Pat Morgan holds her painting,  "Girl Talk," as Judie Alloway and Dee Muoio wait their turns. 
Nancy Kunz (left) picked Andrea Rudner's "Berkshires" to interpret; Ann Cheshul (right) entered a needlepoint, "Sakurako," chosen by Marlena Christensen and Lesley Taylor.
Irene Bausmith (red vest) smiles as Mary Kate Murray (front left) snaps a picture of Camille Rinaldi's "Home Sweet Home" needlepoint for later consultation.  Linda Passaro (left rear) submitted "Cake Whimsy," an edible entry picked by Lori Anderson.
Lights, Camera, Opening Night!
This year's Art-in-Bloom was shown to its best advantage in the professional gallery of the LBI Foundation of the Arts and Sciences, which also hosted a wine-and-cheese reception for its members and garden club participants.
Debbie McWilliams' husband, Tim, and Designer Teresa Hagan (right) congratulate Debbie on "the best ever Art-in-Bloom."
President Judie Alloway (in black blouse) welcomed everyone to the reception and was on hand to answer questions about the club.
Artist Camille Rinaldi (in blue) gets congratulations from Judie's husband, Sam Alloway.
Designer Lesley Taylor (right) chats with a Foundation member who was selling milkweed to anyone interested in creating a butterfly habitat.
Designer Cathy Sutton, Linda White and President Judie Alloway discuss the show.
Ginny Scarlatelli (black sweater) catches up with designer Dorian Madreperla and her husband, Steven.