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You couldn't ask for a better day--or a more successful one--for Judie Alloway's first outing as new Trip Chair.  It started out appropriately with goodie bags hand-packed by Judie containing crasins, cranberry juice and a huge muffin! Then it was off for a tour of the very bogs that produced those delicious treats, the Lee Farm in Speedwell, NJ. The farm is 1800 acres and has been owned and operated by the Lee family since 1868. 
The Lee Farm is a member of the Ocean Spray Cooperative, an organization started by three cranberry farmers in 1930, which now numbers more than 700 families. 
"Cranberry Fields Forever..."
​On the Vine
Spanning the Generations: Stephen Lee gets an able assist from grandson Patrick.
"Can We Talk..." Paul explains the cranberry process from their planting to your table.
TK and Paul Gather the Group and It's Off We Go...
A Brief Word About Equipment Before...
Heading to the Bogs (below).